Watch industry luxury group introduced the calendar peak

The main wealth of Johann Rupert, the richest man in Forbes South Africa, is the Richemont SA, which he holds. Richemont's business is divided into jewelry, professional watchmaking, Mont Blanc (Mont Blanc) and other business (Dunhill, Shanghai and other integrated brands) and other four plates. There are the following brands in the watchmaking plate: Vacheron Constantin, Lange, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Earl, Roger Doubi, Panerai, nations, celebrities, and a joint venture with Ralph Lauren (Polo Ralph Lauren) Table company. Montblanc's watch business charge Montblanc plate separate accounting, and Cartier and Van Cleef & Arpels watch business are classified as the company's jewelry sector. The sales volume of the professional tabulation segment was 2.3 billion euros (about RMB 18.4 billion), accounting for 26% of the Group's total revenue, while the replica watches operating profit was 540 million euros, up 42% year on year. The Group was established in Geneva in 1988 and is listed on both the Swiss Exchange and the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in South Africa. John Rupert holds 9.1% of the Company's preferred shares and controls 50% of the voting rights as the Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Company's Board of Directors. He is not only a successful businessman, but also well-known environmental activist, philanthropist, golf amateur. The Rupert family was born on John's father, Anton Rupert, born in 1916 in Antoine, starting from scratch at the age of 25, starting from a dry clean store and gradually making money through tobacco and wine business, culminating in the basic control of the South African tobacco industry All assets, and involved in finance and mining. In 1950, the eldest son of Anto was born and was cultivated as a successor. John was educated in South Africa, after graduating from college to New York's Chase Bank and Lazard investment bank, 29-year-old returned to South Africa to create their own small loan companies and securities consulting firm. Back to South Africa, to help his father acquired the old luxury goods maker Cartier. In 1988, in order to avoid international sanctions (South Africa's current racial discrimination policy caused the international community dissatisfaction), John by virtue of replica watches uk their experience in the financial industry to split the family of South Africa and overseas business, and set up a tobacco, mining, South Africa Remgro company and the main luxury goods industry Richemont Group. In the same year, Richemont acquired the two Swiss brands of count and celebrity through Cartier, and in 1991 initiated the establishment of the Advanced Watch Fund, the first held in Geneva International Senior Watch Salon (SIHH). The first SIHH only Cartier, Earl, Celebrity and two independent watch brands to participate. In 1996, Richemont acquired the Swiss name Vacheron Constantin. The following year, the acquisition of Italian watch industry leader - Panerai, further enrich the watch plate layout of the brand. In 1999, John persuaded his father to sell the tobacco business as a whole to improve the social reputation of the entire family. The same year, Richemont acquisition of Van Cleef & Arpels, the following year is a breath to buy Lange, Jaeger-LeCoultre, the three countries watches. In 2006, Anton Reuter died, and John began to take full responsibility for Richemont and Remgro, increasing the family assets from $ 1.7 billion from his father's death to $ 6.6 billion in March 2013. In the watch, the 2008 calendar peak acquisition of well-known watch brand Roger Dubuis (Roger Dubuis) 60% stake in the professional watch plate brand to expand to the rolex replica current eight. The SIHH, which is supported by Richemont, will also expand year by year. The twenty-fourth SIHH, which is about to be opened on January 20, 2014, has identified sixteen top brands, among which Li-controlled brands accounted for 12 seats (professional Tabulation plate eight brands plus Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Ralph Lauren and Montblanc). Although the watch business sales are still less than half of the Swatch Group, but by the full support of SIHH industry event and bold combination of mergers and acquisitions, Richemont watch business hold high, multi-pronged, Tabulation field formed a strong influence. Watch and jewelry, this is the luxury of the most important business in the field, which also helped the Richemont Group ranked the world's top three luxury goods group (LVMH Moet Hennessy Group and Kaiyun Group, we will introduce the Friends of the article ).