Earl Limelight, Rose with Butterfly Dance

In 1874, the count in Georges Edouard Piaget under the leadership of the movement started, now has gone through nearly a hundred years of development. Its brand from the jewelry industry's classic representative Possession series, to the famous 9P ultra-thin manual winding movement and the world's most slim 600P Tourbillon movement, both inside and outside the count of watches to win countless family ladies love, more Become a Brad Pitt couple, James. Franco, Anne Hathaway, Liv Tyler and other Oscar wrist wrist treasure. Today for everyone to enjoy the stage is the swiss replica watches heroine - Limelight series ladies watch. If the watch is described as a film, then the Limelight watch is in the camera flash under the stars starred in the stars, gracefully set foot on the red carpet, attracting everyone's attention. This series on the basis of continuous innovation uphold the first batch of Piaget jewelry watch style, bright dazzling, provoking. The Limelight series is always a top priority for beauty. Green pearl fritters fight in the dial, decorated with butterflies and flowers pattern, it is fresh and refined. There are five butterflies on the dial, three butterfly-studded butterflies are filled with floral air lingering, crystal clear, sparkling; two pure white butterfly in the bottom of the lengthy dance, also significant demeanor elegant. Like in the pink and purple, enjoy the blooming roses dancing between a colorful waltz, gestures fascinating; it seems to lead us to the replica rolex spring flowers, let people indulge in pleasures without stop. Bezel studded with sparkling diamonds, each one is fine workmanship, after carefully crafted. White silk band and this watch is like a day for the combination of the softness of women reflected most vividly. So there is a dazzling innovation design, unique works spent hundreds of hours of watchmakers carefully created, probably only so that it does not count the reputation of the count it Appearance data Table diameter 39 mm dial color light green Dial shape round dial material green pearl fritters fight in the dial, decorative butterfly flower pattern Table mirror material sapphire crystal glass crown material 18K white gold diamond Strap Color White Strap Material Silk Band Clasp material 18k white gold diamond - lined with 15 round diamonds (about 0.1 karats) 130 years, adhering to the "never do better than the requirements of the brand spirit, Piaget watch in the luxury watch and precision performance in the field of uk replica watches reputation; superb craftsmanship and infinite creativity into each piece of work, exciting. This section Limelight G0A36159, can be described as brilliant and eye-catching. The background of the dial is particularly beautiful, with a green pearl mother of puzzles inlaid dial and rose flower decoration, with a very spring butterflies, contrast to the vibrant mood. Sparkling diamonds make the texture and clear feeling doubled, I believe worn on the wrist will be able to capture the charm of time, taste jewelry and the time of blending, magnificent.