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Tripti Bhattacharya
41/26/1 N.S.C Bose Road,
Kolkata 700 040, West Bengal, India

Phone : +91.9830204542
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(1979-2008) 29 years of Pandit Debashish Bhattacharya's humble services rendered in developing Indian Slide Guitar, he is the first living creator of Indian slide Guitar.

He is officially the first designer of Indian Instruments, Guitar , His guitars are different than guitars played by Pandit Brij Bhushan Kabra, Pandit Viswamohan Bhatt by name Mohan Veena and some other veenas , which is actually guitars. Since 1979 all the development in Indian slide guitars has been either observed or implied by the other contemporary guitarists of India, though many of them at that time has not even decided, if they will ever play Indian ragas on Guitar, Debashish Bhattacharya as a teenager has become the pathfinder and the trend setter for of all those guitarists and x-Veena players. Any one in this planet ever sees a guitar with the front Chikari, and resonating strings on it, or a hollow neck Indian guitar should know that the man behind it is none other than Pandit Debashish Bhattacharya.

Chaturangui - In India 'Chatu' means 4(four), and 'Ang' means attribute. Chaturangui means a Guitar with additional blend of four tones. This is a 22 stringed first hollow neck Indian Classical Guitar. It blends the tone of Rudra Veena, Sarode, Sitar and Violin. All the Classical guitars of Debashish have Front Chikari and are being played by index finger and not with the thumb. There is one Western version of this guitar and one Indian model. All the recordings available and done before 2002, are made on Chaturangui. Previously it was known as Hindustani Slide guitar." This is the first hollow neck Classical Guitar made out of solid wood. The idea developed in my mind from the structure and tone of the weissenborn I play. This has enhanced the depth in tonality and provided a better blend of treble and Bass". 
Gandharvi - The second of the Trinity is a fourteen-string guitar. It is simply different from the other family members. Imagined and created by Debashish, this has a completely new tone with a cosmic character. Gandharvi relates to the music of Gandharva loka - the Indian Mythological world of music as described in the epics. The sound of this unique Guitar portrays the music of the Gandharvis - the singing beauties of the Gandharva loka. It is a blend of the Indian instruments like the South Indian Veena, Santoor and the Western Classical Guitar. This Guitar holds the longest glissando.. 
Anandi - The third is the slide form of an Ukulele. After a serious raga rendition Debashish has been often asked by audiences in his country and abroad for a lighter form of music. For their entertainment here is the exotic tonal variety to cast a cathartic effect. Indian Raga music rises from the earth, attains classical form while passing through the cultured grammar and again returns to the mother Earth to find Moksha or Nirvana. All the Indian art forms have this as their ultimate goal. Anandi signifies that " Eternal Joy of Music ".  
Devangui, the first step of invention - The Devangui is the simplest form of Indian Slide Guitar, has been brought in practice by Pandit Debashish Bhattacharya when he was a teenager and this was the first and most powerful innovation where the Chikary string came in the front as well as the finger picking style has been created and introduced by Pandit Debashish Bhattacharya in the year 1972. This guitar particularly is recommended for the young children as well as for all the beginners who wants to champion Pandit Debashish Bhattacharya೴yle of guitar playing. 
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