Swiss watch city introduced in Geneva

Geneva is located in the mouth of the Rhone River in Geneva, Switzerland is the second largest city (second only to Zurich), the largest French city of French. Its territory is almost four sides of the ring law, the Greater Geneva area, including Switzerland and France, a total of 189 towns, a total population of about 1.3 million. Geneva is the famous "peace capital", since ancient times is the kingdom of Western Europe negotiations, the center of the covenant, is currently the world's largest international headquarters of the city, the United Nations and the Red Cross are here to set up, but also Europe ranked third in the financial City (next to London and Zurich). The following combination of illustrations for the city famous landmarks, of which the top left for the Palais des Nations, the left for the famous European Nuclear Research Center accelerator, the upper right for the big fountain, the following picture shows the street and lake. In 1815, the French emperor Napoleon died, Geneva joined the Swiss Confederation. Prior to this, Geneva was in fact the territory under the rule of the replica watches uk French regime, at the junction of the Kingdom of Burgundy and Savoy. At the beginning of the 16th century, due to the rise of the Reformation Movement, Geneva became one of the centers of the Protestant movement and gradually gained a relatively independent status. In 1536, John Calvin, the founder of the Calvin sect, became the Archbishop of Geneva, further consolidating the city's unique position in Western Europe. It is precisely because the Calvinism to prohibit the freedom of the children to wear exquisite jewelry, the local jewelry factory in Geneva, the first collective transformation in Europe, the development of pocket watch, clock, making Geneva a well-deserved watch industry birthplace. As the rents in the city of Geneva increased year by year, the space became more and more crowded, and from the beginning of the 18th century, Geneva's watchmaking factories gradually extended to the northeast along the Jura Valley, making Geneva increasingly the Swiss watch industry The leader and distribution center. Since 2001, the Geneva Grand Prix at the Geneva Grand Theater in November each year has become the "Oscar" of the global watch industry, and this year's thirteenth GPHG will also be held in October 11-13 Day 8 in Beijing Art Exhibition. From the beginning of 1991, at the end of January each year by the Advanced Watch Fund hosted the International Senior Watch Salon (French abbreviation: SIHH), has become with the rolex replica Basel World Watch and Jewelery Show named one of the industry "double show". In addition to these most influential industry activities, to Geneva as the birthplace and base camp watch technology schools, watch monitoring agencies, watches and clocks, museums and other industry organizations are also very influential in the industry. The Geneva logo, which began in 1886, has long been the highest standard for watchmakers, collectors and practitioners. After more than four centuries of development, there are still many watch brands in the main R & D and manufacturing centers located in Geneva, such as rolex replica watches Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Earl, Chopard and so on. Many of the emerging high-level independent watch brands such as Fama Mullan, FP Zunna, etc. have also opened a workshop around the Geneva. Jura Valley southwest docking Geneva, northeast extension to Basel, a watch center in the center, and Geneva, it is all the origin and convergence of the land.