Wrist on the ultra - thin phantom, the count Tourbillon watch G0A36041

Earl since 1960 made its first ultra-thin automatic movement 12P patent, then with the "thin" forged a bond, today, "ultra-thin" has been known as the count of DNA, Even became a synonym for the Piaget brand. This half a century, the count in the ultra-thin movement of the R & D breakthrough, in 2011 launched ultra-thin automatic on the tourbillon movement is that they have been relentless pursuit of ultra-thin process of representative works, today we come together to enjoy Carrying the movement of the Earl G0A36041 watch. This watch in the design of my greatest feeling is hidden a bit sharp, a rough look, feel from the inside out seamless, 1:00 position of the Tourbillon window and 9 o'clock position display pendulum window placed very harmonious nature, The overall color of the dial is also very orthodox rose gold and silver with. But the fine will be found under the watchmakers who devote more than these efforts, first look at the 4 o'clock, the sub-pointer, with its axis to the surrounding distribution of silver lines seem full of tension, with replica watches a radius of Pillow type dial more dynamic sense. In addition, the dial on the rose gold time scale designed to Qian long cone, sword refers to the axis, we feel from a ray of sharp Jianqi it? Speaking of the function, located in the dial 1 point position under the window is flying tourbillon, and in its frame with a small second hand, with the window to form a separate small seconds. Tourbillon as one of the complex functions of the world, has been a lot of brands as a symbol of strength and quality, this from the count of the tourbillon, the frame made of titanium metal to make it more robust, so that the swiss replica watches tourbillon to ensure Lightly running. Function data Power reserve display is usually displayed in a pointer to the current power reserve state, in days or hours as a unit. Tourbillon escape watch to improve the accuracy of the escapement, through the regular rotation of the frame to compensate for the different locations of the impact of gravity. This watch is equipped with the movement of the 2011 Earl launched ultra-thin self-winding tourbillon movement 1270P, which combines the Earl's two other star movement characteristics (600P and 1208P), and even the shape are two Section of the combination of movement (that two a square a round, 1270P is pillow type). Closer to home, the value of this movement is certainly not just a simple integration of the two elements of the movement, its own characteristics is to have a pre-miniature pendulum and eccentric form of the function. The most important thing is to carry this movement watch, that is, we today's protagonist, with its thickness of 10.4 mm refresh the "world's thinest self-winding Tourbillon watch" records, of course, with 5.55 mm Movement thickness can not get off the relationship. This watch can be said to bring together the Piaget brand essence of the representative works, both in design and functional movement are impeccable, frozen three feet of non-day cold, just confirms the count "done forever Better than the requirements of "the watch concept. Of course, this watch is the biggest highlight of his ultra-thin automatic Tourbillon movement 1270P. The style of the whole replica watches leisure, compared to go out to wear, it is more suiwatch for a place to find a quiet reading. As for the price, I generally say that when the top watch are reluctant to talk about the price, because they are not able to use money to measure, but also not money can buy it.