Streamlining luxury, Earl G0A37113

Since the birth of the 1874, Piaget has been committed to the superb craftsmanship and infinite creativity into each piece of work, but also the creative development and the pursuit of detail placed in the enterprise development of the highest priority position. And after years of development, Piaget watch through the accumulation of technology and experience, has been very good watch and jewelry technology is fully integrated together to create a series of classic. This time, we pass the Earl G0A37113 watch to feel, this platinum and diamonds to create the simple beauty. This Earl G0A37113 watch is a neutral automatic mechanical watch, watch diameter of 43 mm, using a platinum diamond material to create. Pure platinum and shining diamonds together shape the superiority of this watch, and it as a member of the Earl Black belt series, which inherited the replica watches uk fine tradition of shaped case, using a circular and oval-shaped clever combination of Highly personalized design, called the talent In addition to the black crocodile leather strap foil, black and platinum diamonds produced a sharp contrast, so that the overall temperament of the watch is more out of the ordinary. This count G0A37113 watch not only has a superior temperament, the function also has a good match, so that it can enhance the value of the watch wearer at the same time, but also for the watch wearer in daily life to provide a very practical s help. This watch is the most basic time display function and the general watch is different, because this watch does not have a small second dial design, and the central second hand is applied to the timing function, so this time display of the watch can only be accurate Points, that is, only with rolex replica hours and minutes of the time display. The timing function of this watch is realized by the central second hand and the 30 minute chronograph. In order to make its appearance more concise and outstanding, showing a good temperament foil effect, there is no design 12-hour timer dial, so the timing function of the longest time of 30 minutes, although relatively short, but also to meet the most basic needs of life The The timing function of this watch also uses the flyback technology, in the process of timing, as long as the press the flyback button this watch minute hand and chronograph second hand will quickly return to zero and start the next stage of the timing, which is A technology that can meet the needs of continuous timing. This watch also has a dual time zone function, double time zone is the 9 o'clock position of the 24-hour time to achieve the disc, because the time difference between the time zone mainly in hours, so the dual time zone function is only shown The number of hours in the second time zone. This replica watches also has a very useful value in the life of the date display function, the function from the dial 6 o'clock position of the date display window to show, black and white with a strong readability. This watch also has a depth of 30 meters of water features, which greatly improved the ability to adapt to the watch, it can be better in life to help us. This G0A37113 watch equipped with the movement for the Cal.882P automatic mechanical movement, which is a self-produced by the count movement, the movement diameter of 27 mm, the movement of the thickness of 5.6 mm, the size of the movement size is moderate The This movement in the application of the balance wheel balance wheel, balance wheel shut down device and engraved count the emblem of the black PVD movement pendulum Tuo, so that the performance of this watch has a strong hardware protection. And this movement uses a dual barrel of the configuration, so that the movement of the movement lasting and swatch, able to provide 50 hours of power reserve. This watch also uses 33 gemstone bearings, these gemstones bearing even more smooth operation of the watch, let the movement look more beautiful. This movement of the movement frequency of 28,800 times per hour, which can be said that the watch industry's current watch the best frequency of the watch, even if the watch is running very swatch, it will not cost too much power. From the count of the black belt series Piaget G0A37113 watch, well inherited the series of traditional design style, round and oval perfect combination of the highly personalized case, the interpretation of the Earl's outstanding craft and artistic aesthetics The And platinum diamond material, it is this simple style watch the performance of the noble temperament vividly. Its function is also quite good with the useful date display function to meet the needs of a little high-end second time zone display, and the application of the flyback technology timing function. Its function from low to high with, readily available. The movement of this G0A37113 watch carrying the count of self-produced movement also has a high quality assurance. At present this watch of the market reference price of 400,800 yuan, expensive, but value for money.